Who We Are

Genesis of Delaware Girls Circles

Born out of a desire to make a difference in the Delaware community of high school females, five Delaware organizations began to explore how a major impact could be made to increase the number of females graduating from Delaware high schools. Delaware Girls Circle (DGC) is a collaboration between Delaware Adolescent Program Inc. (DAPI), Delta Outreach and Educational Center. Inc. (DOEC), Pathways to Success Inc. (P2S), and Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Wilmington (DE), Alumnae Chapter (DSTWAC). It was established to enrich, empower, and encourage young ladies in order to increase the on-time graduation rates of high school females. This collaboration was initially financed by a grant from the Fund for Women and is maintained by the generous contributions of sponsors and donors as well as fundraising activities.

What We Do

Delaware Girls Circles (DGC) partners with schools, churches and youth organizations to provide support for academic success, social, and emotional resiliency resulting in increased high school girls’ self-confidence and self-esteem; improved academic performance; and building teamwork & leadership skills. Each Point (mentee) of each DGC will also become a member of ILOLA (Intelligent Ladies Overcoming obstacles Learning leading and Achieving), our standards-based e-mentoring program, and will be matched with a caring and supportive Tangent (mentor). The Tangent will become a friend that helps the Point to identify her gifts and talents and helps to provide her with a vision for her life.

Our goal is for DGC and ILOLA mentorships to encircle the girls and their parents & guardians with a network of positive support and encouragement, offered by college-educated mentors, who provide a strong foundation to support on time high school graduation.

Delaware Girls Circles meet once/per week to explore a standards-based curriculum. A Ringleader steers the Points through topics such as Body Image, Honoring Diversity, Paths to the Future etc. DGC prioritizes STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) programming in our weekly curriculum, which encourages students to be successful in technical fields and to develop and use critical thinking skills.

Parts of a Delaware Girls Circle

Points - A Point is a girl (grades 9-12) in a Delaware Girls Circle. Points will be immersed in our standards-based curricular activities focusing on, academic success, social and emotional resiliency, career exploration and post-secondary planning.

Circle - 10-12 Points all a fixed distance from the Ringleader.

Ringleader - Center of the DGC and responsible for leading and delivering DGC curriculum

Tangent - A Tangent is a professional female college graduate serving as a mentor in a Delaware Girls Circle. She will have a unique intersection and connection to a Point (Mentee) and will help her Point increase her social capital by developing networks of supportive adults to help her reach her full potential.

Point of Tangency - The match is made when a Tangent touches a Point. The one-to-one relationship between each Point and a Tangent to deepen academic enrichment and life skills training to support their journey to college and beyond

Arcs - The Arcs close the loop in our Delaware Girls Circle. We ensure that you have the tools to support the forward roll of your Point(s).

Radius - A member of the steering committee which defines the DGC

Steering Committee - The governing body of DGC around which all circles orbit

While each Delaware Girls Circle revolves in the same galaxy, that is we use the same curriculum, each orbits as its own planet. Hence, as our Delaware Girls Circles are formed, they are named after the planets of our solar system in order based on planet distance from the Sun. Our first Delaware Girls Circle is called Mercury, our second Venus followed by Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune.


A DGC for every Point, rolling out 100% of Points as high school graduates


The Mission of DGC is to increase on time graduation rates of adolescent high school females (grades 9th-12th) in Delaware.

The collaborating organizations agree to:

  • secure grants & sponsorships and to facilitate fundraising
  • work together to help the Points develop their academic, social, and emotional skills
  • develop and track key success indicators to ensure girls' achievements are realized in all areas for success in high school and life beyond.


  • We believe that each girl has a unique point of view and thus is a unique Point of the DGC. The Point is integral to the development and success of each Delaware Girls Circle and will be provided support for her successfully completing high school.
  • ILOLA is our one-to-one e-mentoring relationship piece of the DGC pie. ILOLA is African for “to become strong” and an acronym for Intelligent Ladies Overcoming obstacles Learning leading and Achieving. Its mission is to provide support for academic success and social & emotional resiliency by connecting Points with Tangents who help them throughout high school with college preparation & career readiness.
  • ILOLA is supported by Qooper an e-mentoring platform and tasked to spark a positive change in the Points by providing unique touch point by Tangents
  • Qooper creates a safe and convenient environment where Tangents and Points can connect and build meaningful relationships.
  • To perpetuate the upward spiral, each Point in DGC will realize a point of tangency (be matched) with a Tangent through the ILOLA mentoring component using the Qooper analytics while in the DGC program.
  • Collectively DGC and ILOLA assist in preparing young women for a successful college and career
  • DGC will impact the local community and state by increasing the number of college ready and supported girls