Our Values

§  We believe that each girl has a unique point of view and thus is a unique Point of the DGC. The Point is integral to the development and success of each Delaware Girls Circle and will be provided support for her successfully completing high school.

§  ILOLA is our one-to-one e-mentoring relationship piece of the DGC pie. ILOLA means “to become strong” and an acronym for Intelligent Ladies Overcoming Leading and Achieving. Its mission is to provide support for academic success and social & emotional resiliency by connecting Points with Tangents who help them throughout high school with college preparation & career readiness.

§  ILOLA is supported by Qooper an e-mentoring platform and tasked to spark a positive change in the Points by providing unique touch point by Tangents

§  Qooper creates an e-mentoring environment where Tangents and Points can connect and build meaningful relationships in a safe and convenient environment.

§  To perpetuate the upward spiral, each Point in DGC will realize a point of tangency (be matched) with a Tangent through the ILOLA mentoring component using the Qooper analytics while in the DGC program.

§  Collectively DGC and ILOLA assist in preparing young women for a successful college and career DGC will Impact the local community and state by increasing the number of college ready and supported girls