"The model of success is not linear. Success is completing the full circle of yourself." ~ Gloria Steinem

  • The Circle Challenge

    The Circle Challenge happens in the 1st quarter (July, Aug Sept)

    A fundraiser and bonding event where Tangents and Points, as well as Arcs and staff, are sponsored in a competition of traditional school children games such as Hula Hoop, Marbles, etc.

  • The Ringmasters Ball

    A “Met Gala” like fundraiser event, themed around all things circular or spherical. Typically held in the 2nd quarter (October November, or December)

  • National Mentoring Month January

    Tangent and Points are showcased during this month

  • Pi Day March 14

    Pi (3.14) Day is an annual celebration of the mathematical circle constant π=3.14159…. which represents half the circumference of a circle. Pi Day is observed on March 14 since 3, 1, and 4 are the first three significant digits of π. For Delaware Girls Circles, Pi Day is our day of fundraising and celebration. We partner with a local bakery to host a pie fundraiser, typically  starting at 1:59pm and running for 3 days. We throw a pie themed party for each of the circles, eat pie and drink tea. We also celebrate pi day by eating other circular foods like pizza, donuts and pineapple rings. This fundraiser is an opportunity to get the ball rolling for the new year before completing the orbit of the current DGC.

  • Tau Day June 28

    Tau (6.28) Day is an annual celebration of the circle constant τ=6.283185…, which is observed on June 28 since 6, 2, 8 are the first three significant digits of τ. This describes one complete turn of a circle. This is also the day that DGC celebrates Points who have completed a round of the DGC clubs as well as a year of Tangency. We recognize significant academic accomplishments, successful Points of Tangency and Points who have become Hoops A Fire, the DGC Point who graduates on time!