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A donation to Delaware Girls Circle is an investment in the future of females in Delaware High Schools. The support and generosity of individuals, corporations and foundations allows us to make a real difference in the lives of girls across the state of Delaware. Please donate now and support a Point in need.

The impact of your gift

Your tax-deductible gift to the Delaware Girls Circles will ensure that Points have a caring professional adult college graduate, Tangent, to help them find academic success, graduate on time and be college and career ready. Our Points need your support: 

We target higher risk populations.

Our students build persistent academic, career, college, and life goals with Ringleader and Tangent guidance and support.

With your support more Points will have access to Tangents to guide them through Delaware Girls Circle curricular activities focusing on academic success, self-esteem, career exploration and post-secondary planning. DGC and the ILOLA Tangents help Points increase their social capital by developing networks of supportive adults to help them reach their full potential. 

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